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balloon-o-plane 1955

"They explain being hired by a Brazilian company. There are reportedly 300 โ€œbirdโ€ scooters in this branch of the Seine, and only of this brand! The lithium from the batteries of these scooters is already pouring into the waters of 22 European cities."

Luc Deleu studio visit

parker ito skate

fun rotterdam jumpy 2007



culturesporttv still

egg toy progression

Serial Experiments Lain stills


Artist paris hilton


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"The more complex human societies, called the first civilizations emerged around 3000 BC in the river valleys of Mesopotamia, India, China, and Egypt.""
๐’Œถ๐’†  URI5KI, ๐’‹€๐’€•๐’†  or ๐’‹€๐’€Š๐’†  Urim (Sumerian) ๐’‹€๐’€•๐’†  Uru (Akkadian) ุฃูˆุฑ สพลซr'(Arabic)


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Tip of the iceberg

11/04/20; feeling the same as humans many yearz ago:0 ,.,.

im crazy drunk of earth., waystet cant tpye !

'''The matter of the world is endlessly cooked and devoured โ€” the stomach is the big outside us. The fire of stars has been eternally forging atoms: the inner cosmography of the human rotating around the fire of the eternal digestion.17 โ€˜If I have any taste, it is hardly For anything but earth and stones Letโ€™s eat air, Rock, coal, iron The stones a beggar breaks, The old stones of churchesโ€ฆโ€™18 Ivre de terre! Drunk of earth!''' 17 Gaston Bachelard, La psychanalyse du feu, 1938. 18 Arthur Rimbaud, โ€˜Fetes de la Faimโ€™, 1872.